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     TDL-2108 infrared sensor switch is high our warehouse room lighting control system design. Sensing distance can reach 15 meters. He used human PIR sensor switch, with people to light people walking in a certain delay in the lamp function. The induction of the lens section can be divided into TDL-2108A and TDL-2108B, his detection range is determined depending on the lens. This section switch delay and adjustable sensitivity, comes DIP switches.
Modle No.
Fuction discription
relay controls load
Operating voltage
AC 100V~265V (50~60Hz)
Perating temp.
-20 °C ~ +50 °C
Static power
< 0.026W
Load power
Load capacity
all kinds of lights, appliances
Connecting style
Output mode
induction output
Light control range
5 Lux ~ 500Lux ± 20% (adjustable)
Delay shutdown time
16~350 Secs ± 30% (adjustable)
Induction mode
Induction angle
360°coning angle,various angles for choice
Detecting distance
15 M
Installing method
Roof installation/ ceiling installation
100 * 36mm / porcelaine
Range of application&Functions and Features
1.Automatic induction: when people enter into the range of induction,it will turn on,when people leave,it will turn off with delay.
2.It can be applied to corridor ,passageway, toilet,basement, warehouse,garage,etc., which have the function of automatic lighting, and control.
3.Photosensitive control:it adopting photoactive control,it doesn't turn on during daylight or in strong light environment.
4.Automatic random delay:After it turns on,in the delay period,if there is presence of people,it keeps on working until people leave,than turn on with delay.
5.Status indicator: efficient LED indicator,which is easy for installation and fault analysis.
6.Temperature compensation:tuodi specialized temperature compensation chip,which used to reducing the effect of temp. on detecting distance.
Data Download
wiring diagram induction designsketch operating guide

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