Modle No.
Fuction discription
Outdoor PIR timer, relay control load, 10A
Operating voltage
AC 110V~250V (50~60Hz)
Perating temp.
-20 °C ~ +50 °C
Load power
Load capacity
Resistive load and incandescent / fluorescent lighting
Output mode
Outdoor PIR Timer
Light control range
5 Lux ~ 500Lux ± 20%
Delay Range
3-speed delay selection DIP switch selection
Induction angle
140-degree cone angle
Sensing distance
5~7 M
Standard 86, wall mount, suction point installation. Ceiling mounting
86 * 86 mm/porcelaine
Product Performance
    1. Priority device and switch the Live In the line of fire. Ensure that if the metal back into the box, ear-shaped handle is not removed before being used.
2. The time requirements set by DIP switch (Fig. 3)
3. Set DIP switch 4 is ON, wait 10 seconds, the panel behind the dome adjacent to PIR has a red light flashing.
4. Switch to Live In and FireWire access terminal interface, as indicated in Figure (circuit diagram 1)
5. Rotate the LUX level adjusted to +, complete initialization (counter-clockwise)
6. Turn on the power, lights, before the lights, bright lights at around 4 minutes (as long as the human body does not detect any movement)
7. Adjust the LUX level to the desired setting. Special attention, taking into account the ambient light, should be particularly careful when the modulation PIR.
8 exceeds the set time when the product must be able to automatically shut off after no movement can be detected.
9. Make sure When installation is complete, the device should be a box rear and rear screws
Note: 2-wire device can not be used with contactors.
• The maximum load of 16 amps, no matter what type, including resistive load and incandescent / fluorescent lighting, and any appliances.
• transformed into standard 25mm bottom box
• Re-trigger function
• Hide the screws
Last minute indicators
• Cancel function given time
• IP66 protection rating
• For multiple switches using a touch switch is possible.
Timer switch, timing function selection (Figure 3), Diagram3:
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