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Typical installition

Adopt advanced Infrared detection sensor technology. Internally installed Environmental temperature compensation circuit and supply voltage regulator control circuit .The whole circuit with optimized design, and adopting material with high quality and high precision , is enjoying a great popularity over the world.
Function and Features
Adopting advanced LED technology: high efficiency, energy saving, environmental, long service time, anti-explosive.
Adopting advanced Infrared detection sensor technology, highly sensitive, anti-disturbance, quick response,long detecting distance..
Delicate appearance design and it is light and fashionable.
Reasonable structural design,concealed fastening.
Internally installed light perception component, and can automatically identify daylight or night. STBY Standby at daylight ,induction lighting at night.
Induction mode: Adopting double window, large diameter of famous infrared sensors
Detecting angle: 120 degree
Detecting distance: >3m
Service time :> 80000h
Color: white /worm white(optional)
Voltage:1.5V X 2AA
Delay time: 15second
Operating current:130ma
Favorable temp & humidity: -5℃-38℃, 5%-93%
Dimension: 480,580,680mm (designable)
Storage temp:-10℃-4℃

Installing method
2 Screw fixation
This light is not waterproof, and should not installed in any place with much rain.
Sensor light should not be set beside the window, or any place with strong light environment.
Range of application
wardrobe, the hotel wardrobe,sensor Clothes rail and light tube sensor Clothes rail and so on.
Data Download
wiring diagram induction designsketch operating guide

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